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Love getting my unique fashion pieces here! Great clothing and atmosphere! Definitely worth checking out

Violet Nelson

Happy Client
The ladies that work there are so helpful and kind. They will help you pick out awesome outfits and they are honest about how you look and suggest other items.

Audra House

Happy Client



Our passion is to bring our clientele the best possible combination of new trends and wearable designs. Our collections look and feel up to date but retain enough classic styling to remain current through multiple seasons.

Casual wear for weekends, professional styles for the office, chic and fashion forward pieces for a night out, we have what you need.


How quickly will my order ship out?

Our processing time is usually 2-3 business days from the time you place your order. Please allow 4-8 business days within the US (USPS will take care the rest).

Are Payments Secure?

ABSOLUTELY YES. At this time, we accept payment via Paypal (both Paypal account and Credit Card) which is one of the most secured online payment gateway in order for you to make payment through the internet.

What are the hours for your customer service line?

Our hours for our support line are 9AM to 8PM from Monday to Saturday.

What if my return doesn’t meet these requirements?

We’d love to hear more about what’s happening with your item. Drop us an email via our official customer service email which is:

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